This game will show you the proper use of cake! (instead of making people fat... Aharharhar)

This game was awarded the "Runner-up Voyager Award" at the Summer IndieJam 2015!!!
(The 1st place Voyager Award winner is Another Indie Wank)

I thank you all, participants, for your yellow voyager brick ^^

The Hi-score board currently doesn't work in the browser version. Please download the standalone executable by clicking the button below to save a local Hi-score.


Made with Game Maker Studio by Tim Olsen.

All Sounds and Music is made by Tim Olsen.
Graphics is partly made my Tim Olsen (And some from royalty free sources).


The HTML version Should* be playable on most OS'es with an HTML5 capable browser.


(* My version of "should" may vary from yours. No fucks are given..)

Install instructions

EXE version:
Doubleclick and play!

HTML5 version:
If problems, tell your browser to allow javascript running from local file, in browser.

Else, play HTML5 version here:


WTF-Random-Game.exe 6 MB
WTF Random Game Exclusive Sound 2 MB